1 Evaluate your financial situation: Keep an eye on your credit report. A good credit history equals more options.


2. Check with KBB or online as to what the real value of the vehicle you would like to purchase.


3 What all the cost to your new car, Down Payment, Insurance, Auto Loan, Taxes


4 Consider buying used. Let someone else take the new car depreciation.

5 Look at insurance. Call us and often we can give you a good idea as to what insurance will cost for your new vehicle. Don’t get caught by a big surprise.


6 Ask your bank to pre-approve your loan.  Compare annual percentage rates (APRs).


7 If buying new what are my best options based on my driving miles and needs. Consider an Auto Loan vs Auto Lease.


8 Keep transactions separate if possible: You’ll often get the best deal if you make purchasing the vehicle, financing the vehicle and trading a vehicle separate.